Improving training modules

Although the learning modules have been carefully developed by experts from the guilds of craft and the industry, we would like to have your feedback as a user, either as a teacher or a trainee, on contents and comprehensibility. This will be achieved by two types of online survey, of which one is an initial survey on the current state of knowledge in HACCP and e-learning, and the other is evaluation of the modules themselves. Please fill in the initial survey presented under the tab evaluation before working with the modules. Then you can study some or all of modules and evaluate them in the module evaluation form. Thank you for your co-operation!

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Now you can work with the following modules:

Module 1: Hygiene und Microbiology
Module 2: Cleaning Technology and Hygiene in the Food Industry
Module 3: Cleaning and Disinfection Agents
Module 4: Cleaning of Cleanrooms

Module 5: Hygiene Management in HACCP premises

Module 6: Special aspects of European Regulations regarding cleaning and disinfection in food areas