The hygiene-for-cleaners initiative

This website was constructed as part of the LEONARDO DA VINCI Project "Modification and transfer of the results of the LEONARDO DA VINCI project D/03/B/F/PP-146 082 to train personnel of cleaning enterprises in the field of food hygiene", managed by the wfk-Cleaning Technology Research Institute. It represents a major breakthrough in the dissemination and the practical implementation of HACCP based hazard analysis to cleaning companies. The wfk-Cleaning Technology Research Institute was commissioned to co-ordinate this project because it successfully had conducted a LEONARDO DA VINCI pilot project on RABC in laundries, from which certain parts were transferred into this project.

Experts and educational board

Experts from Germany, Austria, The Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Romania, and Slovenia were involved in this initiative. The most important goals were the development of a curriculum and the design of 6 HACCP training modules. The participants in the Educational Board were recruited from research institutes, (partner 1, 3, 10, and 12), cleaning enterprises, (partners 2, 5, and 8), the chemical industry (partner 7 and 9), and national chambers of crafts and commerce (partner 4, 6, 10, 11, and 13). All together, this initiative gathered top experts in the fields of applied sciences, cleaning technology, and education. The involvement of representatives from the national chambers of crafts and commerce was an important step to assure fast implementation of the results into practice. The partners were

Besides the project partners, the educational board was supplemented with representatives of:

Lifelong Learning

This project (DE/07/LLP/LdV/TOI/147065) is part of the LEONARDO DA VINCI and the Lifelong Learning program (LLP) and has been administrated by the National Agency at the German Federal Institute for Vocational Training (NA-BIBB).