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VET Modules on implementation of the European Regulation (EC) No 852/2004

HACCP stands for a food safety concept based on hazard analysis, risk analysis and the introduction of a safety system with critical control points. Implementation of procedures based on the HACCP principles is a cornerstones in European food safety policy. The HACCP concept is an instrument to help food business operators attain a higher standards of food safety. The European Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 also requires to set up pathogen reducing targets or performance standards, that guide the implementation rules for hygienic food production. According to the European Regulation (EC) No 852/2004, procedures based on the HACCP principles must be implemented by food business operators since 2006. Cleaning personnel working in food premises is expected to comply with food hygiene requirements laid down in the EU food hygiene regulations.

Big cleaning companies working for the food industry do already work with quality management and quality assurance, but many small and medium sized enterprises are not able to provide proper training in food hygiene and implementation of procedures based on the HACCP principles. Furthermore, many national curricula for do not contain modules on HACCP systems and hygiene training yet. Hence, many trainees and apprentices are not prepared to do the job for the food industry. The European Lifelong Learning Program therefore, commissioned a knowledge transfer project with experts from the cleaning industry to develop modules for vocational education and training (VET) on implementation of the European Regulation (EC) No 852/2004.

This knowledge and innovation transfer project has used the pedagogic tool of e-learning. E-learning is part of the e-Europe Initiative from 2000 in which the EU aims to give rise to an information driven, competitive European Community. E-learning has been applied in further educational training (specialists courses for foreman and middle management), but it can also be successfully used in initial vocational education and training. All information given on this web page will be in English, Dutch, German, Romanian, Slovenian, and in Czech language (see top menu). The modules will help to increase quality and level of documentation of services, which in turn will enable cleaning enterprises to tender for external contracts in the food industry.

The training modules for this internet page have been designed for use in workshops, but can also be applied in vocational training centres with access to the internet. The presentations can be used online or printed out, as all modules are available as packages for download and storage on a computer. They are intended for a blended learning situation for self learning or group learning, or be integrated into a PowerPoint slides presentation. After studying the modules, participants of a training program can take part in a final final examination.

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